Title VI Public Participation

The Town of Central does not have a formal outreach techniques due to the small resources available. However, the following are options that the Town of Central will incorporate if the need arises for outreach.

In the development of certain projects, the Town of Central is required to obtain input from the community members that are most affected by the proposed improvements and/or alterations. The Town of Central has guidelines to ensure that all interested individuals have the opportunity to review the proposed work and are provide comments to the Town of Central.

The following guidelines are used by the Town of Central when arranging accessible assistance at Public Hearings and other project informational meetings:

  • The Program Manager chooses a convenient time forthe majority of the public, as well as the venue which includes accessible facilities, where one is reasonably available.
  • The advertisement will include the sentence (or similar to): “Persons with needs of transportation or who may require special accommodations to attend the hearing should contact the Administrator/Title VI designee at 864-639-6381 ext 108 for assistance and information.”

The Town Clerk will send an advertisement to various local newspapers that a meeting is to be held and post on the website under news.

  • If staff knows that they will be presenting a topic that could be of potential importance to a person or if staff will be hosting a meeting or a workshop in a geographic location with a known concentration of minority and low income persons, meeting notices, fliers, advertisements, and agendas will be distributed in that known population area.

When assistance is requested, our Title VI Administrator is prepared to take the necessary steps to provide that assistance; for example, providing someone with the ability to use sign language to assist those with hearing loss.