Combined Utilities


The Town of Central provides water, sewer, and sanitation for the citiizens of Central. To obtain service customer must provide a valid social security number and a picture ID.  The social security number will have to be the actual card or a legal document with the customer’s name and social security number.  This will be verified at the time of service.  The customer has to fill out the utility service agreement and pay a connection fee.  The connection fee is $85.00 for inside town limits and $135.00 for outside town limits.  Our office is open 8:30 am – 5:00 pm. The Town of Central accepts cash, check, visa, mastecard, and discover for utility payments. We also offer bank draft.

Click here to download a PDF of our bank draft application.

Water & Sewer

Click here   to download a PDF of our water & sewer rates. Click here  to download a PDF utility service agreement.

 Sanitation Rates & Schedule

The town provides sanitation to all residents living inside town limits.  A rollcart is provided for each customer.  The sanitation department will be picked up one time a week for all residential customers.  We also provide sanitation for customers outside town limits if customer is within the route. Outside town limit customers must buy a roll cart from us that is compatible with our truck.  The cost of the rollcart is $77.58.  Listed below is the schedule for pick up and the fees for the service. All trash to be removed must be inside the rollcart.  If you have items that do not fit into the rollcart such as furniture, bagged leaves, or brush please contact town hall and have them to submit a work order for a pick up.  Recycling is offered for all cusomers inside town limits free of charge. If you do not have a recycle bin and are interested in recycling please call town hall at 639-6381 and ask for a recycle bin.

Click here to download the Rates for residential sanitation. Click here to download the schedule for residential sanitation.

Mosquito Spraying Schedule

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Contact Us

Phone: 864-639-6381


Josh Addis, Finance

Mendy Fuller, Utility Billing Supervisor/Deputy Town Clerk

Melanie Roper, Utility Billing Clerk