About Central

Welcome to Central, South Carolina

Quiet, calm and cozy…

…on first view, but with a depth and a past that its appearance belies. Stroll the streets of Central and enjoy its friendly, small-town flavor. Explore its shops and visit the variety of restaurants that offer everything from down-home Southern favorites to upscale Italian fare. Most of all, discover its historically significant, even romantic, past.

Central, rich in history

Railroad buffs will have a field day (or several days) exploring Central. As the midpoint between the major population centers of Atlanta and Charlotte, 133 miles from each, this little town found itself the focus of a railroad boom in 1873. The Atlanta and Richmond Air Line Company set up shop and even gave the town its name. The flood of newcomers brought prosperity, and Main Street exploded. New shops, hotels and other businesses cropped up to meet the social and commercial needs of the burgeoning community. Much of the town’s character today is directly tied to the railroad. It’s obvious that the railroad tracks run through the middle of town or should we say the trains run through; local residents could set their watches by the passenger and freight trains that still rumble through daily.) Beyond that, much of the town’s architecture is representative of the Victorian era. Although the downtown area is thriving, care has been taken to preserve the original storefronts.

History lives on

History lives on in Central’s many well-preserved homes and commercial buildings. Scottish, Irish and English settlers, used to looking at rolling hills and mountains, found the Blue Ridge foothills a comfort to their eyes and souls and settled the area following the Revolutionary War. You’ll find many of their names on street signs and houses: Clayton, Gaines, Gassaway, Head, Morgan, Rowland, Sheriff, Watkins and more.

Central history Museum

Warm, homey and as natural as if the residents just got up from the supper table and went for a walk, this 1893 residence, was built by Jeptha and Minnie Morgan, Main Street merchants for many years. Exhibit rooms feature artifacts and history of the town and surrounding area. The well-kept grounds are highlighted by a formal rose garden. The home is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is a site on the South Carolina Heritage Corridor.

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416 Church Street
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Call for appointment at other times
Phone: 864-639-2794 or 864-639-2156Fax: 864-639-5846
Email: heritage@innova.net

Central Community Center

Originally built in the 1920s as a three-room schoolhouse, by the 1940s the school had expanded to eight grades and featured classrooms, a kitchen and a dining room. It is now used as a community center.

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114 West Main Street
Phone: 864-639-2115
Open by appointment only.